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Final Destiny

Every thinking person must sooner or later wonder where he will go when he dies and where he will spend eternity. Take a few minutes to read this and you will find the answers.

What is your authority?

In seeking answers to lifeís most important questions, we must have some authority. The choice narrows down to two possibilities. It is either manís opinion or the Word of God. Itís what people suppose or itís what God says.

In matters of vital and enduring significance, it must be an infallible authority. There must be no room for error. Human opinion certainly doesnít qualify here. Just as peopleís faces differ, so do their opinions.

      Only the Bible, the Word of God, is infallible. It is truth.[i] But how do we know?

        We know it by its fulfilled prophecies. There are over 60 prophecies concerning Christ alone that came true when He was on earth. In addition, there are hundreds of prophecies concerning Israel and the Gentile nations that have come to pass. The probability of all this happening by chance is too small to consider.

         At least 40 men in different countries, at different times, in three different languages, over a period of 1600 years penned the Sacred Word. They had no way of collaborating, yet the Bible has a unified theme. It tells one consistent story. What other book can boast of such intelligent design?

         The Scriptures are unique in their power to transform the lives of people from sin and shame to decency and integrity.

         The words of the Bible are applicable to all times; they are as current as the hourly news broadcast.

         They have universal appeal; they speak to people of every race, tongue, tribe, and nation.

         They are inexhaustible, providing material for endless study, comfort, and guidance.

         Think of all the literature Godís Word has prompted Ė Bible dictionaries, commentaries, concordances, poetry, and sermons. It has inspired great movements such as the abolition of slavery, civil rights, social justice; institutions such as hospitals, schools, orphanages, homes for the poor and aged; and world agencies to alleviate poverty and hunger. It has exerted a positive influence on human society wherever it has traveled.

         It is pure, exposing sin and warning against it. It does not stoop to popular culture but seeks to elevate it.

         It is a living book. Some people actually fear it, while others would die for it.

         The Bible claims to be inspired by God.[ii] That means that the words are Godís words. If they are not, then it is a fraud. But even its enemies do not accuse it of being a hoax.

Copyright ©2002, William MacDonald